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“The strength of our people and the power of the environment allow Safe Frontier to deliver high value first class services and products."

Message from the CEO of Safe Frontier:

At Safe Frontier, Our corporate mission is to provide customers with progressive, strategic IT products and services. To deliver on that mission we offer talent unmatched in the industry. The strength of our people combined with our cultural environment allows us to successfully deliver high value projects.

We foster a collaborative culture within a flexible organizational structure that facilitates creativity. We encourage personal and professional growth and reward success. Our goals are to keep motivation high and generate a sense of belonging for our team. This is an extremely powerful approach to delivering first class products and services.

We create solutions that result in powerful, sustainable long-term success for our clients. As we continue to develop new and innovative products to complement our current portfolio, our focus will always remain on our customer. As the enterprise and government IT becomes increasingly mobile, Safe Frontier is the only company that delivers an integrated, enterprise class mobile management and service automation platform together with the ample expertise in the lifecycle of IT operations. We make mobility management simple, secure and affordable, so that you can focus on your business.



Gary Schulmann
CEO, Safe Frontier

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