Managed Telecom Value Added Service

Washington, DC: January 26, 2012 – Safe Frontier announced today Managed Telecom Value Added Service (VAS).

Outsourcing can be a strategic tool for making telecom operators more productive and profitable, and is a viable option when it comes to building and managing value added services. Effective outsourcing strategy can do wonders to productivity and profitability. Safe Frontier provides a fully managed white labeled telecom VAS service. It allows operators to boost their value added services capability without the associated risk, expense and hassle. The Service includes:

  • Ecosystem of app/media/service providers – Safe Frontier brings its experience and the relationships to rapidly build a community of application developers, universal media vendors, and managed application and services providers.
  • Technology management – Safe Frontier provides carrier grade Value Added Services Delivery Platform – VAS SDP. Safe Frontier manages all the technology aspects of operating the enabling Platform.
  • Content vetting – Safe Frontier developed methodology and services to assess security and compliance of mobile applications.
  • Customer services – Safe Frontier can provide Level 1 and higher white labeled customer support per operator's SLA, as natural extension of operator's customer care.


The key advantage of outsourcing the VAS is that it enables an operator to invest its resources into the core services, better customer care, and business development.

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