Out of Band Manager Demo (OOB Manager)

Washington, DC: Jun 10, 2013 – Safe Frontier announces today that we have achieved a major milestone in the development of industry first out-of-band infrastructure-as-a-service cloud. The Company is now preparing to launch Out of Band Manager Demo (OOB Manager). This is a functional demonstration of some of the key capabilities and new delivery models that should take fully functional Intel® AMT beyond the corporate networks. The OOB Manager is intended for administrators that are familiar with Intel® AMT. The Manager demonstrates several ways how administrators can provision Intel® AMT enabled computer over the Internet, including “Zero-Touch” provisioning. The Manager also allows administrators to quickly initialize Intel® AMT on the computer, often without actually entering BIOS/MEBx. In just several minutes and few easy steps, administrator can launch KVM session to the newly provisioned device with everything done over the Internet. “The demonstration shows innovative infrastructure and delivery concepts that open up Intel® AMT to new use models and markets” – Volter Tsvigun, Senior Engineer @ Safe Frontier.

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