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Managed Telecom VAS

Outsourcing can be a strategic tool for making operators more productive and profitable and is a viable option when it comes to building and managing value added services and the enabling infrastructure. The key advantage of outsourcing the VAS is that it enables an operator to invest its resources into the core services, better customer care, and business development.

Operators often get frustrated with managing VAS. Thousands of applications and media products, content providers and vendors, keeping up with the customer needs and the tough OEM competition. Operators have even more to worry about. Any content that runs on or through their networks can potentially impact the operator.

Therefore, an effective outsourcing strategy can do wonders to productivity and profitability of an operator offering VAS. Safe Frontier provides a fully managed white labeled telecom VAS service. It allows operators to boost their value added services capability without the associated risk, expense and hassle.

Ecosystem of app/media/service providers – creating and managing the community of content and service providers can be an involved and expensive process. Safe Frontier brings its experience and the existing relationships around the world to rapidly build a solid community of application developers, universal media vendors, and managed application and services providers.

Technology management – Safe Frontier provides a carrier grade Value Added Services delivery platform – VAS SDP. The platform can be deployed on the operator’s infrastructure or hosted by Safe Frontier. Safe Frontier manages all the technology aspects of operating the platform and provides integration with the essential IT systems of the operator.

Content vetting – many operators find it difficult to screen the endless inflow of the new applications and media for security compliance, viewer safety and resource consumption. Safe Frontier has developed not only the methodology to assess the mobile applications but also the certification program for business, government, and critical use applications. Operators can leverage these white labeled services to create certified application stores for safety and compliance of their business clients. Learn more about Application Security Services.

Customer services – leveraging the professional multi-lingual support centers and company’s technical support personnel, Safe Frontier can establish and provide Level 1 and higher multi-channel white labeled VAS support services per operator's SLA to become a natural extension of operator's customer care.

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VAS Service Delivery Platform (VAS SDP)

A new mobile information service industry has come into being, comprising of mobile network operators, service providers, content providers, and a variety of application providers. A significant concern of operators today is to further strengthen and expand their Value Added Services (VAS) business. Many operators are at the same time looking to avail themselves from the complexity of managing various providers and the multitude of value added services.

Safe Frontier has the answer. We provide a state of the art VAS enabling platform. We also offer a fully managed VAS solution where we build and foster for the operator a community of service/app/media content providers, provide and manage the technology, and deliver the value added services to operator’s clients.

Safe Frontier’s VAS SDP enables telecom operators to cost efficiently manage the ecosystem of service, content and application providers, all within a single carrier grade enabling platform delivering unique products and services:

  • Application products
  • Multimedia products, including music, video and e-books
  • Web applications
  • Managed enterprise mobility services
  • Messaging services

Modules could simply be expanded without the need for a new platform. This facilitates interoperability between application platforms, and helps operators reduce TCO and hasten the deployment of services to end users.

Value Added Services (VAS) SDP Management


Modular construction of the VAS SDP allows to pick and choose the features/interfaces required:

Managed Enterprise Mobility

Operators have a unique opportunity to launch and gain a substantial foothold in the mobile enterprise managed services market. Brining together Managed Services Providers (MSPs), operators can create a community, build and leverage a new ecosystem similar to the applications and media. Now, operators can generate revenue from a variety of end-to-end mobile enterprise managed mobility services bundled with their existing core services.

Similar to the application ecosystems, operators can provide to their customers and seamlessly manage lifecycle of hundreds of innovative managed mobility services and the vast pool of Managed Service Providers.

The platform allows service providers to build custom offerings for smartphones and computers that can include software, tangible and intangible services, provide customer care and remote device management. The platform also provides an e-commerce platform with web-based service store where the operator’s customers can easily procure the services. The platform not only allows to build and deliver the services but also manage the entire service lifecycle.

MSPs can build, deliver and manage services for operator’s mobility-centric medium, small and HO/SO business customers. The platform allows MSPs to provide managed services cost efficiently regardless how large or small the account is. Operators can leverage the MSP community to differentiate, offer more products, increase customer satisfaction and secure further revenue.

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Web Application Services

Safe Frontier’s VAS SDP Web Application Services module enables application developers to easily integrate their products with the operator’s value added services environment. Operators will quickly be able to offer their customers a multitude of essential web-application services with provisioning and billing controlled by the operator.

Web Application Services module provides APIs that developers can use to integrate with the operator’s environment. The platform also provides a web application store for operator’s clients, as well as a developer portal and account management system.

App Store

The Mobile Application Store module provides a mobile-web-store, vendor portal and account management system where application providers can publish and sell their mobile apps to the customers of telecom operator. The module also provides a license management system that application developers can leverage to enforce the license and payment terms, including subscriptions.

Multimedia Store

The Multimedia Services module provides a mobile e-commerce platform with vendor portal and account management services where content providers can publish, sell and manage their music, e-books and video products.

The platform also includes unified billing and customer care, provisioning, order management, as well as supplemental messaging gateways and IVR. If necessary, Safe Frontier can provide integration with operator’s backend, alternative payment processors and other systems.

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