Value Added Services Service Delivery Platform

Washington, DC: October 01, 2011 – Today, Safe Frontier announces a new solution for telecom operators – state of the art Value Added Services Service Delivery Platform (VAS SDP). The Platform features:

  • Managed Enterprise Mobility – operators can gain foothold in the mobile enterprise managed services market. Bringing together Managed Services Providers (MSPs), operators can build ecosystem where MSPs can create offerings for smartphones and computers. VAS SDP also provides e-commerce platform with web-based service-store.
  • Web Application Services module enables application developers to integrate their products with operator’s environment. Operators are now able to offer their customers a multitude of web-application services.
  • App Store - vendor portal and account management system where application providers can publish and market their mobile apps.
  • Multimedia Store - provides e-commerce platform with vendor portal and account management system where content providers can publish, sell and manage their music, e-books and video products.
  • VAS SDP also includes unified billing and customer care, provisioning, order management, as well as supplemental messaging gateways and IVR.


Safe Frontier’s VAS SDP enables telecom operators to cost efficiently manage the ecosystem of service, content and application providers, all within a single carrier grade enabling Platform. With VAS SDP operators can provide:

  • Applications
  • Multimedia products, including music, video and e-books
  • Web applications
  • Managed enterprise mobility services
  • Messaging services


Please learn more about the VAS SDP here:

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